Internship Opportunities

Welcome to the CoreMessage, Inc. internship program page. Since you’ve arrived here we can safely assume that you are a student interested in public relations, communications, politics or the like and you also have relevant course work in areas which would assist you in the day-to-day tasks. We are also assuming that you’ve got some questions, so here’s a few answers:

What type of course work or interests are we looking for? First and foremost, we’re looking for people who are pursuing degrees in communications or marketing, but we’re open to English and Business or other majors as long as you can make a logical connection. It will also help if you genuinely like what you are studying – interests in public relations, drafting communications plans, corporate communications, marketing, politics and state government are good places to start.

How much time does it take to be an intern? The short answer is that it takes at least 15 hours a week or whatever the minimum requirements are for you to receive class credit. The long answer is that we’d like you here as much as possible. Our interns are part of our team and we will want you to be here enough to take on tasks that teach you what it’s like to work at a successful PR firm. This means that when you do come in, we will need you to commit no less than three hours of work or more each day. We are open to working with your schedule, but as part of the team we will need you to be here often enough to follow through with the projects assigned.

What will you be doing? We ask ourselves that everyday! Each day we come to work with an idea of what we need to accomplish, but in the PR world things change fast. It’ll be much of the same for you. We’ll definitely need you to take care of some internal office work, but you’ll also be part of the ever-changing public relations strategies that we are working to implement. We’ll want you to chime in with ideas and get involved – our office requires a certain amount of gusto, so we’ll need you to hit the ground with both feet running. Specifically, you’ll be drafting media materials – think press releases and media advisories – you’ll be calling the media and helping to plan press conferences and other events as well. We’ll try to predict what we can, but there’s always a chance you’ll be doing something totally out-of-the-box on any given day.

What happens after I’m an intern? If, at the end of your internship, we think you hit it out of the park, then you’ll be eligible for a stipend of up to $500. If things went really well, and you want to continue working with us, then there’s also the possibility of a part-time position.

If you are interested and want to learn more, or you’re raring to go and want to submit your resume and two writing samples immediately, please email

Internship Testimonials

When my adviser reminded me that I needed an internship credit, I was pretty nervous about what I was getting myself into, but I struck gold when I found CoreMessage. All of the executives are so helpful and caring, which truly makes CoreMessage a friendly and exciting working environment. I have learned so much about the public relations field and have received hands-on experience throughout my time as an intern. CoreMessage has given me so much more than an internship credit; it has given me an invaluable experience and a brighter future in the field of communications.” – Catalina Quintana, PR Intern and FSU student

“When I began as a summer intern at CoreMessage, I could never have predicted what was in store for me. I took classes on the theories and practices of public relations, but wasn’t sure if I was cut out for it. Well, that was over a year ago and I’m still loving it. I’ve worked on projects with local charities, political associations, healthcare groups, education organizations and everything in-between. As my experience grew, so did my responsibilities. I began as an unpaid intern and ended as a paid staff member. I’m gradating and entering the PR world with confidence thanks to CoreMessage.” – Aaron Keller, Public Relations Assistant and FSU Alumnus

“As a graduating senior, I can say with confidence that interning at CoreMessage has prepared me to take on the world of public relations with all the tools necessary to succeed. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work in a proven, award-winning agency with professionals who were willing to teach me and genuinely cared about my future.” – Sarah Tate, Account Coordinator and FSU alumnus

“My time at CoreMessage was invaluable. I built business relationships, expanded my writing portfolio, and worked alongside award-winning, experienced professionals. My internship gave me the tools I need for a successful future in the communications field.” – Lacey Starr, Public Relations Intern and FSU student