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When it comes to eye surgery, let’s put patient safety first | Opinion

We cannot allow patients to be placed at risk by watering down surgical safety standards in Florida. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors that specialize in creating better vision in their patients. One of their specialties is surgery, on and around the eye, a major procedure that must be done with expertise and care. Take, for instance, […]

Florida Legislature should let tourist tax funds do their job | Opinion

Florida’s Tourist Development Taxes provide the seed money necessary to stimulate the local tourism economy and bring visitors to a community. The tax was approved by voters to fund tourism promotion — and tourism promotion only. It is not meant to be a pot of money that can be used for anything and everything. Sweeping money away from […]

Optometrists aren’t surgeons. Florida lawmakers should not let them perform eye surgery | Opinion

All physicians take the oath to protect patients, so it’s disheartening that some Florida lawmakers support legislation that would put patients in harm’s way. The Legislature is considering Senate Bill 876 and House Bill 631, which would allow optometrists — who are not medical doctors or trained surgeons — to perform surgery on, inside and […]

Guest opinion: There’s never a wrong time to do the right thing for Florida consumers

Approximately 35% of the $12 billion Florida families spent on property insurance premiums each year is a tax to cover the cost of Florida’s excessive litigation. According to a new report Florida’s [Property & Casualty] Insurance Market: Spiraling Toward Collapse, this tax is unique to Florida policyholders. Increased litigation between contractors who solicit ‘new roofs’ […]

When training eye surgeons, should standards be lowered? | Column

Optometrists are important members of the eye care team, but performing ocular surgery is beyond their education and training. If people are asked “How much training is sufficient to make an eye surgeon?” they will say that no surgeon can be over-educated or overqualified. Most agree that more education, training and clinical experience is better, […]

Letter to the Editor: Limit Eye Incisions to Surgeons

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and the Florida Society of Ophthalmology oppose Florida Senate Bill 876 and House Bill 631, which would allow optometrists to perform incisional eye surgeries and to prescribe virtually all oral medications without any medical regulatory oversight. These bills represent serious threats to patient safety, public welfare, and quality of care. The “training” […]

Florida’s big government approach on tackling big tech | Opinion

Last week, Florida reached new milestones in their initiative to punish big tech. Gov. DeSantis’ Transparency in Technology Act cleared its second committee meeting and Attorney General Ashley Moody signed onto another lawsuit aimed to regulate big tech. These efforts come at a time when more and more businesses are relying on digital tools to keep their doors […]

Amy Zubaly: Broadband bills will not increase access to underserved areas

Areas lack connectivity because there aren’t enough potential customers for private companies to make a profit. One year ago, all of America began to confront the new reality of a pandemic, including the migration of business and education to the internet. Schools, universities and businesses quickly began to adjust and, just as quickly, deep divisions […]