Case Studies

2007 Florida Inaugural Celebration

The 2007 Florida Inaugural Celebration hired CoreMessage to assist the Florida Inaugural Committee in managing media relations and press logistics for events leading up to and including the inauguration of former Governor Charlie Crist and Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp. The goal was to garner media attention around the transition to the new gubernatorial administration in […]

Tyco Electronics (Currently Harris Corporation)

In 1999, Tyco Electronics (Tyco) formed a public-private partnership with the State of Florida to standardize and simplify state law enforcement and public safety communication. Tyco designed its Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS) to provide interoperable communication between all public safety officials on one seamless radio system throughout Florida. Starting from the ground up, […]

Florida Alliance of Maritime Organizations

Antiquated statutes which licensed and regulated the harbor piloting of vessels in the state’s ports allowed for Florida’s harbor pilot system to operate similarly to a monopoly for nearly 35 years. In 2008 alone, inflated harbor pilot costs accounted for more than $50 million in fees – borne by cargo and cruise operators. Ultimately, these […]

Explore Adoption

As part of his focus on children, former Governor Crist directed his Office of Adoption and Child Protection to implement a public information campaign encouraging Floridians to adopt children in foster care. The campaign’s primary focus was to promote adoption of children who wait the longest for a “forever home” – older children and teens, […]

Yes On 1: Save Our Homes Now

In a historic vote during the summer of 2007, the Florida Legislature passed landmark legislation to create the largest tax cut in Florida’s history. What passed was a two part process. The first tax cut required local governments to roll-back their tax rates to reduce rates. The second part of the tax cut was a […]

Florida Transportation Builders’ Association

As the first week of the 2010 Legislative Session came to a close, initial budget allocations in the House of Representatives revealed leaders of the Transportation & Economic Development (TED) Appropriations Committee were working to severely cut transportation funding. Under the guidance of House Speaker Larry Cretul (R), Chairman Rep. Rich Glorioso (R) proposed the […]