By setting measurable objectives, CoreMessage is able to gauge the success of each client’s communications efforts. With clear goals in mind, we are able to segment audiences and determine which strategies and tactics will meet our client’s sought-after outcome. Whether you’re targeting lawmakers, the media, the general public or all of the above, we can create a strategic communications plan that will work for you.

Here are just a few examples of the results we have obtained for clients:

Florida Transportation Builders’ Association

Initiated an aggressive earned media campaign, which successfully helped prevent a multimillion-dollar raid on the state’s transportation trust fund during the 2010 Legislative Session.

Floridians for Sustainable Pensions

Launched the newly-formed coalition, Floridians for Sustainable Pensions (FSP) with a press conference in the Governor’s Cabinet Room featuring Gov. Rick Scott as the headline speaker. In the following two months during the 2011 Legislative Session continued to increase public awareness of FSP with an earned media campaign garnering more than 61 million media impressions.

2010 Sunshine Census

On behalf of the 2010 Sunshine Census effort, CoreMessage worked with more than 170 Asian-American (AA) and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (NHOPI) Florida partners in multiple capacities to increase awareness and understanding of the 2010 Census. Partners included 63 faith-based organizations, 35 cultural and professional organizations, 54 businesses, 10 campus organizations, five ethnic media groups, and 12 Census Ambassadors across the state.

Putnam Campaign

Led a pro-bono communications effort for the successful election of Adam Putnam as Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture.


In an effort to educate legislators about the benefits of commuter rail in Central Florida, CoreMessage and its partners worked to create a coalition of third-party supporters. The coalition of local businesses, environmental groups and local elected officials promoted the SunRail project and generated media coverage to negate resistance and encourage support. The measure passed during the 2009 Special Legislative Session.

Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida

CoreMessage’s campaign successfully branded Dr. Moore, President and CEO of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF), as a leading political and public policy expert in order to increase the organization’s exposure in the media. The campaign earned more than 3.5 million media impressions which increased ICUF’s visibility by the start of the 2011 Legislative Session.

Associated Industries of Florida

CoreMessage has served as the agency of record for Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) for the last five years guiding the statewide business association’s public relations and earned media strategies. Since 2009 alone, CoreMessage helped secure more than 133 million earned media impressions on a wide range of issues to help achieve AIF’s overall communications goals.

Florida Association of Court Clerks & Comptrollers

During the 2009 Legislative Session, tough economic times and limited state revenue resulted in an attempt to transfer Clerks’ court-related responsibilities and funding to the courts and judges. CoreMessage, along with Ron Sachs Communications, launched an earned media campaign designed to increase public awareness of the role of the Clerks, engaged third-party supporters and successfully turned the tide of public and media opinion in favor of the Clerks’ keeping their court-related duties.

Florida Alliance of Maritime Organizations

Led a two-year earned media campaign that targeted legislative activity relating to the modernization of antiquated statutes which license and regulate Florida’s harbor pilot system. As a result of these efforts, the statutes were updated for the first time in more than 30 years.

DeBary Downs

Launched a community-based campaign, which successfully defeated a proposal to build a horse track and casino in the suburbs of Central Florida. The initiative included a localized earned media campaign, website development, coalition building, direct mail marketing, public forums and paid media.

Explore Adoption

Through public education, expanded partnerships, Web-based outreach and a mass media campaign, the “Explore Adoption” campaign helped Florida set state records on the number of children adopted from foster care. As a result of the statewide campaign, calls to the state’s Adoption Information Center increased and the number of unique monthly visitors to the “Explore Adoption” Website surpassed initial goals.

Yes On 1 – Save Our Homes Now

Executed a statewide campaign to support the passage of Amendment 1, the largest tax cut in Florida’s history. The “Yes on 1” campaign passed by a significant margin as a result of overwhelming public support stemming from the initiative’s website, HTML e-mail campaign and a bus tour generating extensive media coverage statewide. The constitutional amendment was the first to surpass the 60 percent of the population threshold.

Medical Malpractice Reform

Launched a campaign that assisted in the passage of Constitutional Amendment 3 relating to patients’ rights and medical malpractice.


Earned more than 11 million statewide media impressions in less than three months for the Florida Coalition for Lower Gas Prices. The grassroots campaign delivered more than 16,000 letters and emails to Florida lawmakers urging them to repeal Florida’s minimum markup law during the 2006 Legislative Session.