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2007 Florida Inaugural Celebration

The 2007 Florida Inaugural Celebration hired CoreMessage to assist the Florida Inaugural Committee in managing media relations and press logistics for events leading up to and including the inauguration of former Governor Charlie Crist and Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp. The goal was to garner media attention around the transition to the new gubernatorial administration in Florida.

To create excitement and attention for the Inauguration, CoreMessage helped develop events leading up to Inauguration Day that would foster media impressions in print, broadcast, and Internet outlets. Additionally, CoreMessage was hired to plan the execution of several special events surrounding the 2007 Florida Inaugural Celebration of Governor Charlie Crist and Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp.

InaugurationIn order to maximize exposure for the Inaugural Celebration, CoreMessage facilitated publicity coverage of three separate events leading up to Inauguration Day. The first event was the Inauguration breakfast where the media impressions reached more than 10 million people. The second event held was the Florida’s Youth Day at Walt Disney World, where Governor Crist spent the morning with 20 foster families. CoreMessage organized and secured media, which resulted in more than 4.3 million people reached by the media impressions. The third event leading up to Inauguration Day was The Yankees Youth Baseball Camp and Kick-off Barbeque held at Legends Field in Tampa. The combined media impressions for this event resulted in 7.3 million people reached.

In combination with the Inaugural Breakfast, Florida’s Youth Day, Baseball Camp & BBQ, and Inaugural Day, more than 50 million media impressions were generated. Inauguration Day gained the most media coverage with a total of 29.5 million people reached. This amount was derived from the 3.4 million Internet views, 11 million in print circulation, and 15.1 million in broadcast reach from 57 different networks. Additionally, CoreMessage distributed more than 200 media credentials on Inauguration Day and coordinated satellite feed between The Florida Channel and 13 satellite trucks from news stations around the state.

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