Case Studies

Tyco Electronics (Currently Harris Corporation)

In 1999, Tyco Electronics (Tyco) formed a public-private partnership with the State of Florida to standardize and simplify state law enforcement and public safety communication. Tyco designed its Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS) to provide interoperable communication between all public safety officials on one seamless radio system throughout Florida.

Starting from the ground up, CoreMessage was hired by Tyco in 2001 to develop ways to promote the company’s partnership with the state, as well as conduct outreach and marketing tactics for potential and current SLERS users. Tyco Electronics also sought CoreMessage’s ongoing assistance in positioning the SLERS network as the premier public safety radio system for all law enforcement, first responders and other public safety users in Florida.

Over the years, CoreMessage has assisted Tyco Electronics in various publicity efforts including a press conference with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, coordinating and executing numerous training and recruitment seminars and securing opinion editorial placements in Florida’s leading daily newspapers. In the nearly 10 years CoreMessage has worked with Tyco Electronics, one key component of SLERS ongoing marketing and publicity efforts has been the SLERS newsletter. The quarterly newsletter provides pertinent information for Tyco’s targeted audience of elected officials at all levels and public safety officials. Over time, the newsletter has become an invaluable tool to not only encourage continued membership growth, but also increase current user satisfaction and effectively communicate news to users. To distribute this newsletter, CoreMessage formed a comprehensive list of nearly 1,200 recipients who represent Tyco’s widespread target audiences. Some of the targeted groups included city and county officials, law enforcement agencies, commissioners, legislators, state agencies and first responders.

Today, SLERS provides radio service to more than 16,000 public safety radio users in Florida. SLERS delivers radio coverage to EMS, police and sheriff’s departments across the state, as well as 25 state agencies, including the Department of Business & Professional Regulation, Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, Department of Law Enforcement, Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Corrections, Department of Financial Services and Department of Transportation, as well as the Florida National Guard and several federal agencies such as the Social Security Administration.

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