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Coalition for the New Economy: Advancing Broadband: Private sector remains primary force behind the broadband expansion

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

According to a March 2013 report by Charles Davidson and Michael Santorelli at New York University Law School, private broadband providers invested more than $1 trillion in broadband between 1996 and 2010 and $66 billion in 2011. Despite the proliferation in government-owned broadband networks, the private sector is still the primary driving force behind the advancement of broadband. Here are just a few recent investments we’ve noticed:

  • Bluegrass Cellular plans to expand its 4G LTE service to 700,000 residents in Kentucky.
  • AT&T announced it plans to expand 4G LTE service to Genesee County, Mich.
  • AT&T also announced it will offer mobile Internet service in Cunningham, Tenn.
  • Also in Tennessee, the Elk Valley Times notes, “Verizon Wireless has bolstered its 4G LTE data service in Tennessee’s rural areas so more Tennessee residents have access to mobile broadband speeds 10 times faster than 3G.”
  • Google is getting ready to offer free five megabit service in Provo, Utah.
  • Google also plans to expand its one gigabit service to Austin, Tex.

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