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Glades County Democrat: Amendment 6 key for crime victims

Monday, August 20, 2018

As a proud member of law enforcement for more than 25 years, it is my job to make sure that justice is properly executed across our state. Ensuring a fair trial for all Floridians accused of a crime is integral to our society. However, a large population of citizens are continuously overlooked by the Florida justice system. Without any clear, enforceable constitutional protections, crime victims are forced to stand by and watch as their abusers are afforded rights that they are denied as victims. It is time to balance the scales of justice and ensure both crime victims and those accused of a crime are treated as equals.

Amendment 6, also known as Marsy’s Law for Florida, will give crime victims specific protections in our state’s most powerful legal document. Some of these protections include being alerted when their perpetrator is released from custody, having the right to be heard in a courtroom and receiving timely updates about their case. It is impossible to hold a fair trial when prioritizing one person’s legal standing over another, which is currently the case in Florida. By giving victims equal standing, Amendment 6 offers crime victims the respect and dignity they deserve. The fact that it has taken us this long to not only recognize the problem, but begin to correct it, is inexcusable. However, I am glad there is finally an opportunity to rectify this injustice.

This law requires a 60 percent passing vote to be established in the Florida Constitution. I urge everyone to vote for Amendment 6 in November. Together, we can help provide the justice necessary for victims to heal and move forward.

Sheriff David Hardin
Glades County

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