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Miami Herald: Stop EPA’s assault

Monday, October 20, 2014

Posted: 10/19/2014 3:00 PM

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy visited Miami recently to highlight what needs to be done to keep our air and water clean.

What she didn’t do was tell her audience the costs of the EPA’s regulations on Florida businesses, workers and families.

EPA’s current, pending and proposed rules limit the growth of the energy boom.

The natural gas discoveries occurring all over the country provide ample opportunities for economic growth, job creation and energy independence. Manufacturing is also rebounding.

This potential growth in the energy and manufacturing sectors is being jeopardized by EPA edicts, which mandate emission reductions from coal and natural gas plants.

Its latest ozone and greenhouse gas regulations will extract billions of dollars out of the private sector that would go into investing in jobs for Americans, and into developing clean-energy technology.

These rules do not allow businesses ample time to comply, and faced with rising costs of doing business, they will raise electricity rates for families, fire workers, or shut down completely.

Hopefully those knowledgeable about these outcomes will tell the EPA to halt its assault on the private sector during its public comment period. There is too much to lose by going down the current path.


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