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News Press: America needs to go on a spending diet

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The weakened U.S. dollar’s position as the world’s currency is in jeopardy and a financial catastrophe looms.

The stimulus has not worked and is producing record deficits and no jobs.

It has become quite clear that the fiscal policies of the current administration and the liberal Congress have failed.

Yet, President Obama and the liberal fringe continue to stump for more taxes from those who have paid far more than their fair share, while doing little to nothing to rein in the spending undertaken for their own political gain.

It appears we need some good old fashioned common sense in Washington.

When Americans woke up from our personal spending sprees, we turned the tide.

We stopped spending as much and became more responsible.

Our government needs to follow suit.

Only 57 percent of Americans pay any taxes at all.

Entitlement spending is completely out of control. The move toward socialism is in full swing and the hardworking members of our society are paying the price for those who consume and contribute little or nothing.

While Congress has kept spending at a record pace, the average family income has dropped by 3.6 percent.

Congress needs to think about how hard taxpayers work to earn money and spend it responsibly.

The debt ceiling should not be raised.

Congress needs to understand Economics 101 – if they don’t have it, they can’t spend it.

If it takes a constitutional amendment to give them the discipline they seem to lack, so be it.

America has always been a charitable and compassionate nation. We help those who really need help, but there is an alarming shift in the thinking of Americans.

There is growing evidence that our nation has grown tired of carrying the load for increasing members of society who have the ability to help themselves, but choose to rely on government assistance.

We need to stop new spending and cut government programs that are not serving those who truly need help.

Congress needs to work within a fiscally responsible framework.

It is time to help small businesses, the backbone of our country, to grow and create jobs. Shackling them with more taxes and regulation is just plain nonsense.

Drastic action is needed so that our children’s taxes aren’t simply paying the interest on our mounting debt.

As a representative of The Proud Americans, a national membership organization for all Americans, I call on all elected officials to stop passing, and printing, the buck.

Duane Miller is chief operating officer of The Proud Americans, a national membership organization focused on issues affecting citizens ages 50-plus. His 40-year career as a businessman and leader includes experience in the insurance, energy, financial services, broadcasting and medical equipment industries.

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