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News Press: John Bell: Try these tips to keep mosquitoes out of yard

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rainy season is well under way in Southwest Florida. And with increased rain come more opportunities for mosquitoes to breed.

Daily showers bring precipitation seemingly by the bucket load. That water – if it’s left to accumulate – is the most popular breeding grounds for these pesky and potentially dangerous pests.

Scotts Lawn Service offers some quick and easy tips to prevent mosquitoes around your yard:

• Clear debris and leaves from gutters;

• Drill holes in recycling bins and garbage cans so water can drain;

• Change out birdbath water weekly;

• Repair leaky outdoor faucets; and

• Empty water collected in tarps and other materials left outside.

It can take only two weeks from an egg to turn into an adult that’s ready to bite. And aside from the annoying itching that comes with a mosquito bite, Floridians can also be exposed to a host of health problems from bites.

According to the Florida Department of Health, 66 cases of Chikungunya fever have been reported in 22 Florida counties so far this year, including Lee and Charlotte.

Officials believe those cases originated in Caribbean countries. However, the greater risk is that if someone travels back from one of these countries and gets bitten by mosquitoes, this virus can spread to the larger population.

Symptoms of Chikungunya include a high fever, severe joint pain and swelling, back pain, rash and other ailments. While the virus is rarely fatal, symptoms can last weeks to years.

Beyond Chikungunya, mosquitoes can carry malaria, Dengue fever, forms of encephalitis and West Nile virus.

Even pets are at risk, as pets can contract heartworm from mosquitoes. Lee County has also seen four cases of St. Louis encephalitis virus in sentinel chickens.

Find more simple steps to prevent mosquito breeding grounds, along with mosquito control services, at

John Bell is Technical Support Manager for Pest Control for Scotts Lawn Service. He is based in Orlando.

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