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The News-Press: Mailbag for May 12: Knock down ‘liquor wall’; nationalism vs. globalism

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was founded to promote the economic advancement of Florida’s Hispanic business community. Our top priority is providing opportunities to empower our members and the 80,000 minority-owned businesses we serve in Florida, which is exactly why I support removing the Prohibition-era “liquor wall.” We must give our hardworking business owners the tools to compete on a level playing field, not keep them out of the marketplace due to an antiquated law. Retailers who have proven responsible, law-abiding business owners should not be restricted by unfair regulations.

Not only does the legislation create more opportunities for businesses to grow, but the bill could also generate jobs for hundreds of Floridians. Currently, Florida competes internationally to bring new companies to our state. These large corporations choose to open new stores in places where their company will be most profitable. Allowing businesses to innovate and maximize revenue in our state means more companies will add stores, and jobs, in the Sunshine State.

Florida has the opportunity to join 29 other states that prioritize free market principles, limited government and economic development. I encourage Governor Scott to help businesses, big and small, by signing Senate Bill 106.

Julio Fuentes is president and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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