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NWF Daily News: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: For Florida’s restaurants, tourism advertising is key

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

For many restaurants like mine across the South Walton area, a fully funded VISIT FLORIDA could make the difference between shuttering the doors and growth. While South Walton Beach was spared the devastation Hurricane Michael brought, our potential visitors saw the news footage of devastation and many assume all North Florida beaches were impacted by the storm. It’s critical that we have VISIT FLORIDA to help our visitors recognize that Florida’s Panhandle remains open for business. Bouncing back from natural disasters isn’t just about rebuilding— it’s also about ensuring the businesses that are the economic driver of a community continue to welcome visitors from around the world.

The tourism marketing that Beaches of South Walton TDC and VISIT FLORIDA conduct on our behalf is about attracting visitors in off-season and attracting the most valuable visitors during season. It’s all focused on generating yield rather than numbers. This is how tourism can be sustainable while also supporting more year-round jobs in our community. Continuing to market and advertise all that a community has to offer will send the signal across the word that Florida is open for business— and will help businesses like mine continue to grow, create jobs and fuel our local economy.


Jim Shirley, Santa Rosa Beach, Great Southern Café and The Bay

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