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Orlando Sentinel: Ed Moore: Let’s talk more about state’s talent pipeline

Monday, September 30, 2013

A hot topic among Florida’s education leaders is our state’s “talent pipeline,” a term that is often mentioned when we discuss the preparation of Florida’s students for jobs in sectors that anticipate growth.

In order to support Florida’s economic development, we need a steady influx of talented graduates into our work force.

Florida’s education leaders should promote our state’s growing set of educational options as well as train and retain top-notch teachers.

Last week’s Florida Chamber Foundation Education Summit in Orlando brought together a number of top education thinkers to advance the discussion of talent supply. We need more of these conversations focused on prepping the pipeline and bringing education and business leaders into an open forum to help find solutions to these tough challenges.

Programs, such as the Career and Professional Education academies, allow many high-school students to earn college credit and certifications while working toward their diplomas.

Also, virtual education is expanding the reach of higher learning and creating opportunities for students outside the classroom.

Independent Colleges & Universities of Florida institutions alone have 321 online degrees plus scores of professional-development programs that are enticing to Florida business and industry.

These pathways are vital, and they play an important role in enhancing our talent pipeline.

We must remember that the success of Florida’s students stimulates our growing economy, and by coming together to discuss challenges facing our education system, we can spur partnerships and opportunities that will lead to vibrant careers.

Ed Moore president, CEO, Independent Colleges & Universities of Florida

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