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Politico: Scott signs renewables tax break, 12 other bills into law

Friday, June 16, 2017

Gov. Rick Scott on Friday signed 13 bills into law, including a measure extending a property tax break from residential to commercial for renewable energy source devices.

Senate bill 90 implements a constitutional amendment approved by voters in August 2016. Environmental groups and solar panel installers supported the bill despite the fact that the House added some consumer protection measures.

“Governor Scott’s approval signals that Florida is open for businesses, jobs and private investments,” Scott Thomasson, southeast director for Vote Solar, said in a statement issued Friday.

Other bills signed by the governor on Friday were:

SB 118 Criminal History Records

SB 474 Hospice Care

SB 494 Compensation of Victims of Wrongful Incarceration

SB 724 Estates

SB 1520 Termination of a Condominium Association

SB 1694 Support for Parental Victims of Child Domestic Violence

SB 1726 Industrial Hemp Pilot Projects

SB 2504 Collective Bargaining

SB 2506 Clerks of the Court

SB 2508 Division of State Group Insurance

SB 2510 Public Records/ Dependent Eligibility Verification Services

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