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St. Augustine Record: Desalinisation’s the answer

Monday, May 19, 2014

Editor: As it becomes more apparent that global warming will have an extreme effect on Florida, it is clear that not enough is being done to meet one of the problems which will surely alter the way people think about this state. Fresh water shortages will affect our agriculture, our rivers and marine life, our forests and grasslands and animal and avian diversity.

Other areas of the state are looking covetously at the St. Johns River to provide for their swelling populations.

With sea levels rising everywhere, the transformation of saline water into fresh, potable water for Florida makes good sene and may be the only way we can alleviate the diminished rainfall and rapid loss of water from out underground aquifers to provide for the needs of future generations.

Our elected officials should be giving the concept of desalinization very serious consideration. These plants could, conceivably, slow the rise of the oceans while benefitting the land and our people.

While the plants may be expensive, they surely are not impossible to create and finance. Probably it would be a lot less expensive than drilling offshore oil wells.

St. Augustine

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