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SUN-SENTINEL: Gov. Scott, please sign metal theft legislation

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gov. Scott, please sign metal theft legislation

Criminals stealing copper wiring and other metals from businesses and residences, and the re-sellers purchasing and reusing these items, have created a multi-million dollar illegal industry. Street lights, homes, construction sites, businesses, utilities, churches and schools across Florida have been victimized and left with costly bills.

In Broward County, at least 10 schools have had copper wiring and lightning protection systems stolen, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Last September, a Miami pedestrian was struck and killed after metal thieves stripped copper from streetlights, leaving the roadway dark and unsafe. In other areas of Florida, thousands have lost power as utilities are robbed of their copper wiring.

Fortunately, legislation that cracks down on metal theft was passed this legislative session – a charge led by Broward County’s Sen. Chris Smith. This legislation increases the penalties for criminals who steal or purchase stolen metals and further protects industries and businesses.

As part of the Floridians for Copper and Metal Crime Prevention Coalition, a group of businesses and industry associations that supported this legislation, the South Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association asks Gov. Scott to sign this important legislation.

Oscar Calleja, president, South Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association, Tallahassee



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