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Sunshine State News: ICUF Institutions Expanding Online Degree Programs

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) announced Tuesday a significant increase in enrollment and availability of online degree programs offered by member institutions across the state.

A recent poll shows that Florida’s independent colleges are currently offering 324 fully online degree programs, up 15 percent since last year. Nearly 32,000 (21 percent) of ICUF’s 150,000 students are taking advantage of these programs.

“These numbers reflect the robust, market-driven response and innovation of ICUF schools in our changing economy,” said Ed Moore, Ph.D., president of Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida. “Online degree programs offer a huge advantage to students who may not be able spend time on campus.

“Through online degrees, students have additional flexibility that they may not have had just a couple of years ago,” Moore added. “Increasing these options will provide our learners the opportunity to study in a way that best fits their lifestyle and career. Opening these doors for Florida scholars is essential to the growth and prosperity of our state.”

Twenty of ICUF’s 31 institutions are now offering multiple online degree programs.

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