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Tampa Bay Times: Florida independent colleges and universities issue performance report card

Monday, October 29, 2012

At a time when Florida’s higher education system is under scrutiny, the state’s association of independent colleges and universities has issued an annual report documenting its successes in keeping enrollment up, graduating students without loads of extra credits, and issuing degrees in fields of high demand.

Such issues are critical as the schools seek to maintain state funding for Florida Resident Access Grants, which help students afford the private institutions.

“I am pleased this year’s ICUF report card reflects the diligent work of our excellent independent colleges and universities,” Ed Moore, president of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida, said in a release. “Total program enrollment is up 13 percent over last year; however, we are seeing a drop in Florida resident students eligible for the Florida Resident Access Grant, which puts a spotlight on the 29 percent reduction in the grant amount over several years. Florida’s institutions continue to ensure students are well prepared to join the workforce and be successful in life. We are also playing a significant role in training the next generation of science and technology professionals – areas in which our state has a critical need.”

Other statistics of note included:

  • ICUF institutions awarded 53 percent of professional degrees in Florida (e.g., medicine, dentistry, law), and 38 percent of all degrees in computer sciences and information technology in Florida.
  • 41 percent of students attending ICUF institutions represent racial/ethnic minorities.
  • 90 percent of fall 2011 undergraduate classes at ICUF institutions had fewer than 30 students..
  • 43 percent of all degrees awarded were to Florida residents from minority groups, 6 percent higher than the State University System (37 percent).

See the full accountability report here.

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