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TCPalm: Letter: State Senate must rescue funding for promotion of Florida cities

Monday, April 03, 2017

Without a doubt, tourism is the biggest money-maker for Vero Beach. Countless restaurants, shops, hotels and attractions would not be in business without it.

To attract visitors, however, people have to know the location exists. That’s not always an easy feat for a small town like Vero Beach, but with the help of Visit Florida and the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce, our area has flourished.

Visit Florida creates demand for the Sunshine State among both domestic and international travelers, widening our potential market share.

Then, the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce steps in and attracts those visitors to Vero Beach and the surrounding towns of Sebastian and Fellsmere.

This leads to a trickle-down effect, as increased tourism to our area truly benefits everyone.

For example, even if Vero Beach vacationers do not stay at our hotel, chances are they’ll visit our spa or dine at our restaurants.

This money helps improve our beaches, schools, roads and more. Without Visit Florida generating awareness of Vero Beach, we would not see nearly as many tourists.

It’s disheartening that our Florida House passed a bill that would severely limit the ability of Visit Florida and local-destination marketing organizations to do their jobs effectively, causing irreparable damage to our state.

However, we remain hopeful our senators will continue to stand up for Florida’s No. 1 industry, because tourism works for Vero Beach.

Lee Hunter, Vero Beach,  is the director of sales and marketing for the Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa.

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