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The Ledger: Ross Introduces Way for Individuals to Save for Hurricanes, Disasters

Monday, November 18, 2013

As Floridians, we all know and accept the reality that we live in a hurricane-prone state. Our beautiful peninsula is one of the most exposed places in the world to the natural forces and costs of tropical windstorms. But we do not have to accept that nothing can be done.

That is why the Florida Chamber of Commerce is pleased to support the Disaster Savings Accounts Act of 2013, recently introduced by U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross [R-Lakeland].

Ross’ bill would provide eligible individuals to deduct from their taxable gross income up to $5,000 annually to use for disaster-mitigation expenses. It’s a good idea that deserves support from every Floridian. This bill will make Florida families safer from the inevitable next storm. It would also reduce the economic cost of disasters in our state and across the nation.

The Florida Chamber has long advocated that homeowners should be provided with creative, market-based solutions to our natural-disaster risks, instead of the ill-conceived and ineffective government programs to which we have too often turned. Ross’ idea would empower individual homeowners to invest in the safety features that make the most sense for their homes and property.

Encouraging consumers to support individual accountability is a good, responsible alternative to creating or growing government programs that put taxpayers at financial and physical risk.

The favorable return on investment from Congressman Ross’ bill is clear — it supports real-world safety improvements while also contributing to Florida’s economy through construction-related home safety improvements.

The next hurricane to hit Florida is inevitable. Forward-thinking leadership in Washington is not. But Ross has provided some with this well-crafted bill.

The Florida Chamber urges every Floridian to contact their member of Congress in support of the Disaster Savings Accounts Act of 2013, to thank Rep. Ross.


Executive Vice President

Florida Chamber of Commerce


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