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Times-Union: New casinos would help state economy

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New casinos would help state economy

As the chief operating officer of the Florida United Businesses Association, I’m always tuned into what our members are saying about new business opportunities for Florida.

There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the destination resorts legislation and the impacts it will have on our entire state.

This legislation is one opportunity that I encourage lawmakers to look at from the angle of the economic enhancement for the entire state of Florida that is so desperately needed to make the future brighter.

Generating jobs

Three destination resorts in our state would generate 100,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs and would help generate new business for various industries in Florida.

These industries include construction, architecture, interior design, import and export transportation, hospitality, maintenance, restaurants and restaurant supply companies, retail shops and much more.

The impact of destination resorts would be enormous, not only in the building and operation of the resorts, but with the spin off job creation that would come from contracts with local business owners, millions in new, annual revenue to the state, and new full-time jobs with benefits.

Boon for tourism

With a projected million new tourists a year in the state there will certainly be economic benefits to many companies across Florida from the airline industry, to transportation rentals, other popular Florida attractions, museums, restaurants and shops and any stop that these tourists might make during their time here.

History has shown that projects of this magnitude will supply Florida with the opportunity to improve the business environment and enhance the statewide public infrastructure, which we need to take advantage of now in order to bring our economy back quickly.

Florida is at tipping point

Florida is at a crossroads with too many Floridians remaining jobless. I believe this legislation will be a major step forward in putting Floridians back to work.

This will also increase the ability for our member companies to keep their doors open as more and more Floridians find permanent jobs and can increase their use of Florida’s small businesses’ services and products.

Destination resorts will benefit the entire state and FUBA hopes serious consideration is given to the passage of this legislation during the 2012 legislative session.

 About the author: Lance Lozano is CEO of Florida United Businesses Association In Tallahassee

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