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WDBO Radio: Local simulation industry leaders warn of harm from sequestration

Friday, February 22, 2013

One of Central Florida’s most important economic sectors remains in the cross hairs as big cuts to military spending loom.

The simulation industry offers thousands of high-wage jobs in Central Florida, many centered around Research Park in east Orlando.

“I expect to see consolidation within the industry,” said Tom Baptiste, head of the National Center for Simulation at UCF.  “The companies for months have been dealing with uncertainty.”

Baptiste says the local simulation industry will survive even if sequestration happens but not without job losses.

Former congressman Tom Feeney is also warning against the dangers of sequestration.

The one-time Republican from Oviedo now leads one of the state’s top business lobbies.

“We think in Florida job losses could be at least 60,000-70,000 people,” Feeney said.

As a congressman he was outspoken on defense issues, and he’s also concerned about the affects cuts could have on national security.

“It’s surely going to affect America’s ability to defend itself,” Feeney said.

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