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The Capitolist: Encourage Tax Reform Discussion to Continue in D.C.

Our elected officials continue to talk through potential agreements on tax reform – at least that is what we are seeing reported in the media recently. While it would be nearly impossible to find any business owner or working individual who believes that our tax code is a functional system that promotes growth and opportunity, […]

Ft. Myers News Press: Fracking a safe route for energy production

Many veterans of war, including myself, have concerns with foreign products being purchased from countries at war, namely the Middle East. We have come a long way in recent years to obtain our own oil and natural gas within the U.S.; however, we can’t lift our feet off of the proverbial pedal. Our country must […]

Capital Soup: Florida Municipal Electric Association Names Amy Zubaly New Executive Director

Zubaly is the first woman to lead the organization The Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) Board of Directors today named Amy Zubaly executive director of the association. Since January, Zubaly has been serving as the interim executive director. In her role as the permanent executive director, Zubaly will continue to manage the day-to-day operations of […]

News Service of Florida: Scott Signs Renewable Energy, Health Care Bills

THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, June 16, 2017……… Gov. Rick Scott late Friday signed 13 bills, including a measure that will carry out a constitutional amendment aimed at boosting the use of solar energy in the state. Lawmakers passed the renewable-energy bill (SB 90), after nearly 73 percent of voters approved the constitutional amendment during last August’s […]

Politico: Scott signs renewables tax break, 12 other bills into law

Gov. Rick Scott on Friday signed 13 bills into law, including a measure extending a property tax break from residential to commercial for renewable energy source devices. Senate bill 90 implements a constitutional amendment approved by voters in August 2016. Environmental groups and solar panel installers supported the bill despite the fact that the House […]

Orlando Sentinel: Don’t change fertilizer law willy-nilly. Consider innovations.

Much debate is underway over changes to Orange County’s fertilizer ordinance. As I read news reports recounting various positions, I can’t help but feel like I’m reading commentary from five or six years ago. While the rhetoric on both sides seems the same, much in the way of innovation for lawn care has changed. A […]

Sunshine State News: Barney Bishop: Offshore Energy Exploration Is Safe, Has Been Going on for 81 Years

As you know, Florida is a state that continues to grow exponentially year after year. In fact, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2016 annual report, our population increases by 1 percent annually, bringing an additional one million people to Florida every five years. We are fortunate that our great state continues to […]

Florida Politics: Steve Hayes: Tourism industry in jeopardy with House Bill 1A

The Florida House of Representatives has recently espoused a philosophy of not “picking winners and losers,” but House Bill 1A does just that. As I watched Gov. Rick Scott, Senate President Joe Negron, and Speaker Richard Corcoran announce their plans for a special session to discuss tourism funding, I felt hopeful for the fate of […]

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