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Cleaning our water together

You don’t have to be a scientist to know water is fluid and not restricted to one city, county or
even region. Municipalities such as Naples and Marco Island are particularly aware of this fact as illustrated in your editorial about fertilizer rules for Collier.

Robbing roads is dead end

Construction workers who lost their jobs in recent years are losing hope. From January to January, Florida’s construction industry lost 24,000 jobs. Nationwide, the unemployment rate in the industry is 21.8 percent.

Protect residents, nonprofits and others from ‘irrational’ storm tax

In light of our extreme vulnerability to catastrophic storm losses, the Florida Wildlife Federation supports the need to reform both Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund.

Live on the Water at Your Own (Insurance) Risk

Environmentalists and tea party groups don’t usually have much to agree on politically, but they came together in front of the state Senate chambers in Tallahassee Friday to support an insurance reform bill.

Amendment would prohibit Citizens Property Insurance from covering near-shore homes

What they agree on is that Citizens charges artificially low rates for the high-risk policies and the subsidy encourages development where it shouldn’t, and otherwise might not be.