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Orlando Sentinel: Health insurance burden

Taxpayers could get soaked paying for health insurance promises to retirees. May 27, 2011 The Florida Legislature made headlines this year by requiring members of the state’s relatively well-funded retirement system to contribute to their pensions. But they did less — actually, nothing — about another growing but stealthy financial burden for local governments and […]

Florida Today: Our views – Orion returns

As NASA gropes through the fog toward its future, there are more questions than answers about where it’s headed. However, the clouds parted just enough the other day to provide one ray of clarity: Senior officials announced NASA plans to use the Orion crew vehicle — designed as part of the canceled Constellation moon program — as its new spacecraft to carry astronauts into deep space.

Tallahassee Democrat: It’s time Floridians pay the true cost of insurance

As most Floridians know, the annual Atlantic hurricane season is almost upon us. This is a fact of life in our beautiful peninsula. However, for decades most of us have deluded ourselves about the financial risks of living in paradise, suppressing insurance and reinsurance prices and relying on risky borrowing rather than sound investments to […]

Miami Herald: International reinsurers help us

The recent editorial, New property insurance law won’t help consumers: Despite your editorial’s unflattering innuendo with regard to the international reinsurance industry, it’s important for readers to understand that international reinsurers are strong financial backers of Florida’s insurance companies and are committed to the Florida market. Not for profit companies can sell reinsurance on an […]

CoreMessage is #Winning

We are proud to announce the CoreMessage team was recently recognized with multiple honors at the Florida Public Relations Association Capital Chapter 2011 Image Awards ceremony. The Capital Chapter’s Image Awards is an annual competition to recognize outstanding public relations programs and encourages the development of public relations professionalism. Known as a standard of public relations excellence in the capital city, CoreMessage was honored to be presented with the top distinction in this year’s competition.

Preserve kids’ future – Reform pensions

Recently, the Florida Legislature celebrated Children’s Day at the Capitol. Legislators spent the day kissing babies, posing for photos with kids and giving speeches about how much they care about children. Then, many lawmakers spilled their milk.

Fertilizer compromise a win for governments and retailers

House Bill 457 was crafted to safeguard Florida businesses against inconsistent bans on the sale of fertilizer while providing a local rulemaking process. Today, cities and counties must adhere to the state model fertilizer ordinance or use it as a guide to build their own rules. Since the state ordinance was crafted in 2007, approximately 40 local governments have adopted fertilizer rules. While some follow the scientifically vetted model ordinance, others have adopted local rules that vary from county to county. In some cases, citywide regulations differ with county rules. This creates a logistical nightmare for retailers.

Cleaning our water together

You don’t have to be a scientist to know water is fluid and not restricted to one city, county or
even region. Municipalities such as Naples and Marco Island are particularly aware of this fact as illustrated in your editorial about fertilizer rules for Collier.