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Gainesville Sun: Property tax cuts are not without costs

Carol Weissert: Property tax cuts are not without costs By Carol Weissert – Special to The Sun Published: Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 6:01 a.m. Nothing comes without a price. This certainly holds true for state mandates on Florida property taxes. It’s no news that the people of Florida are struggling or that the housing […]

Sunshine State News: Education as Fuel for Both Society and the Economy

Sometimes to know where you are, and maybe where you might be headed, it is good to look back at where you have been. All too often we tend to ignore past experiences. Perhaps we do this because they remind us of what we have failed to accomplish, fix, adjust, or improve, or maybe just […]

Tampa Tribune: The GI Bill, a Yellow Ribbon and helping our troops adjust to the workforce

As our troops return home as a result of the proposed winding down of our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, they must be wondering what might be in store for them. Many of our service men and women joined the military directly out of high school and have not had the chance to pursue a […]

South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Save the mortgage interest deduction

In these uncertain economic times, we all know Florida’s real estate market has been hit exceptionally hard. While our state has recently seen a decline in foreclosures, the South Florida community continues to feel the repercussions of a weak housing market. For Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida, our nation’s housing policies are top priority. […]

Gainesville Sun: Is Florida ready for the hurricane season?

While next month is considered the most active time of year with regard to hurricane season, it’s the month of August that produced two of the most devastating storms our state has ever been exposed to; hurricanes Andrew and Charley. Although it’s been 19 years since Andrew made landfall in South Florida and seven since […]

Pensacola News-Journal: Big news for small pharmacies

As the owner of a small pharmacy, I’m encouraged. I’m encouraged because the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) listened to my concerns, along with other members of the Pharmacy Choice and Access Now coalition. We were founded to protect, you guessed it, choice and access. Recently, the state of Florida sent the Centers […]

Florida Current: Report says lowering property taxes may cause trouble for Florida counties

A public policy research group has released a report stating that restricting property taxes may make it harder for Florida counties to deal with the ongoing recession. According to the latest report by the LeRoy Collins Institute, The Double Whammy Facing Florida’s Counties, recent property tax legislation coupled with the economic downturn particularly related to […]

News Press: America needs to go on a spending diet

The weakened U.S. dollar’s position as the world’s currency is in jeopardy and a financial catastrophe looms. The stimulus has not worked and is producing record deficits and no jobs. It has become quite clear that the fiscal policies of the current administration and the liberal Congress have failed. Yet, President Obama and the liberal […]